Mcafee 25 Digit Activation Code

25 Digit Mcafee Activation Code - Mcafee 25 Digit Activation

The 25 digit Mcafee activation code is a unique code specially developed by McAfee to activate its product on various devices. This code is structured in such a way that it can be used once if developed for one user or many for multiple users. The customer receives the activation code on his/her email address used while purchasing the antivirus. Many of the times it becomes difficult for the user to use the activation code while installing the McAfee antivirus software. To beat this difficulty we have the total activation process of the McAfee 25 digit activation code antivirus given in the below paragraphs. So stay tuned with the content to know it well...

Mcafee antivirus activation Process

Turn on the device to install the antivirus on it.
Visit the website URL as on any of the browser.
Then a webpage strikes in your consisting of 3 consecutive steps i.e.

1. Enter Your Code

As soon as you open the webpage the first thing McAfee asks you is the activation code.
There is a blank box that you must fill with the 25 digit McAfee activation code. After that click on the submits button present just below.
Here the first step in the process of activation finishes.

2. Create a new account

This is the next step starting with the email address registered.
If you ready have an account then simply login or if not then follow the below steps to create one.
You have to enter the email address. Give the same email address as given while purchasing the antivirus.
Click next. On the next page, you have to create a strong password.
Then tick on the checkboxes to stay updated with the 25 digit McAfee activation code service.
Then click on the I agree on button and wait until the next window appear.
This was the second step in the process of the activation of the McAfee antivirus.

3. Download the 25 digit McAfee activation code

After you click on the I agree on the button and the website takes you to a new page where you can see several options. Among them, you have to click on the Install on this Pc button.
Sometimes instead of the Install button, there appears a renewal button if you have already used it before Then click on the same.
Now the Mcafee activation code Licence agreement window pops up. Read the agreement carefully and click on the I agree on the button.
After that McAfee redirects you to the next page showing the Download button as well as some installation steps.
You have to click on the download button and skip all the other content as the same is explained here in a simple way.
The file will start downloading as per your connection speed. Here the 3rd and last step complete.

Mcafee 25 Digit Activation 

1. After the completion of the download button click on the show in folder button at the download site.
2. Then a folder appears where the downloaded files are saved. Locate the
3. McAfee installer setup file and double click on it.
4. Then give the installation permission for the file to install on your device by clicking on the yes button The installer window of the McAfee antivirus appears and it takes some time to show the credentials.
5. So wait for some time. After that, an Install button in the blue font appears.
6. Click on it. Now the next process is automatic i.e. the Mcafee installer completes all the further steps by itself.
7. The only thing is you have to observe it and wait till the installation completes. There are 3 checkups i.e.
8. Application checkup, device checkup, and software checkup.
9. In this, if you already have a Mcafee antivirus on your device installed previously then the installation will stop in between.
10. For this, you have to download the McAfee uninstaller application and run it on your device before installing it.
11. After the successful completion of the installation, the finish button appears. 12. Click on it. This is all about the 25 digit McAfee activation code.